Thursday, August 15, 2013

Product Launches


Your boss summons you to his office with the request to organise a launch for a new product....

What do you do first?

Without a doubt you contact the Tentworx team!!

This post will quickly give you an overview of what a launch party should look like...
Most companies have set corporate colours that can be used to help choose the theme of your event. A Cocktail set-up is one of the best ways to get your clients and staff to mingle and this is where your sales team can network with prospective clients.
When organising a corporate event one should always try and use alternative decor items before using flowers. Flowers can easily make your event look like a wedding.
For a cocktail set-up it is advisable to have waiters roaming around not only for drinks but to serve canapes.
Draping inside your marquee will surely create a great atmosphere but for this launch we had to create an industrial feel. Stretch panels come in different colours and is a great alternative and will transform your tent into something spectacular.


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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tentworx : Dramatic year-end function.

Are you organising a year-end function for your company?

Then Tentworx is surely the perfect company to contact for all your function hire needs!
In this post we will show you how the Tentworx team can transform a standard office complex into a WOW function venue....
The client's request was to tranform their earthy office complex and give it a dramatic feel. That is why we used black and purple as our main colours. We used a chino Bedouin tent to still keep the feel of the building.
A bedouin tent is the most practical option if you need to extend your existing venue for the event. They can easily be attached to your building amd will not only give you a bigger venue, but it will surely give your event that ''WOW" factor.
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