Friday, August 28, 2015

Corporate events in 2015

With summer around the corner and the end of the year slowly looming it is time to begin thinking about corporate events. Team building, year-end functions and Christmas parties, is just some of the things your company must start planning.

We have compiled a list of top trends in corporate events to help you and your company ensures that your event is one to remember!

1. Location/venue: 

 Event location has taken on new meaning, as more and more event planners incorporate cultural aspects of their destination into attendees’ experience. The days of hosting an event in a conference center is also long gong! Change it up. Parks, lakes, zoo’s, sport stadiums and museums (anywhere you can pitch a tent) make for fantastic corporate event venues!

2 Access to WI-Fi

With technological advances and people attending conferences with multiple wireless devices, access to reliable Wi-Fi have become a must!

3.  Flexibility: 

 The best venues offer movable partitions, furniture, and planters that offer flexibility for impromptu brainstorming or team meetings.

4. Mobile apps:

  Meeting planners are increasingly using mobile apps to monitor RSVPs and check-in. It is also important to give your event a Twitter and Facebook handle.

5. Distinctive food choices

When it comes to throwing an event, the event catering is one of the aspects guests will remember and talk about well after the party is over. So stop serving boring buffet dinners! In recent years, food trends have become more focused on locally sourced ingredients including vegetables, dairy products and herbs and spices. Gourmet snacks like mini burgers, pitas, wraps and tacos are some of your options. Also provide unique beverage choices like craft beer, juice bars and flavored water. 

6. Going green:

 The availability of technology options of distilled water versus bottled or even green d├ęcor is one of the trends to consider when planning your event! 

7. Team building activities

Team building continues to be a strong industry trend, and activities that include unique ways to motivate, inspire, and build camaraderie with colleagues are growing. Go river rafting, take a sushi class or learn how to make your own beer with your colleagues!

8. Entertainment: 

 Make your event unique, so attendees want to keep coming back year after year, nothing says “we don’t care about our employees” like the same year end function or Christmas party year after year after year!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tentworx @ Afrikaans is Groot 2013

Once again the Tentworx made sure that all the artist of Afrikaans is Groot had a very comfortable dressing room and VIP lounge. We extended the existing dressing room with a 9m x 12m Free form tent, making sure that all the artist could make themselves comfortable before every performance.

The Tentworx team also erected a 12m x 15m Free form tent at the entrance for Land Rover, which was a sponsor of the event. Land Rover exhibited two vehicles inside this free form tent and surely made a statement at the entrance of the Moreletta Auditorium in Pretoria over the past two weeks.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Product Launches


Your boss summons you to his office with the request to organise a launch for a new product....

What do you do first?

Without a doubt you contact the Tentworx team!!

This post will quickly give you an overview of what a launch party should look like...
Most companies have set corporate colours that can be used to help choose the theme of your event. A Cocktail set-up is one of the best ways to get your clients and staff to mingle and this is where your sales team can network with prospective clients.
When organising a corporate event one should always try and use alternative decor items before using flowers. Flowers can easily make your event look like a wedding.
For a cocktail set-up it is advisable to have waiters roaming around not only for drinks but to serve canapes.
Draping inside your marquee will surely create a great atmosphere but for this launch we had to create an industrial feel. Stretch panels come in different colours and is a great alternative and will transform your tent into something spectacular.


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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tentworx : Dramatic year-end function.

Are you organising a year-end function for your company?

Then Tentworx is surely the perfect company to contact for all your function hire needs!
In this post we will show you how the Tentworx team can transform a standard office complex into a WOW function venue....
The client's request was to tranform their earthy office complex and give it a dramatic feel. That is why we used black and purple as our main colours. We used a chino Bedouin tent to still keep the feel of the building.
A bedouin tent is the most practical option if you need to extend your existing venue for the event. They can easily be attached to your building amd will not only give you a bigger venue, but it will surely give your event that ''WOW" factor.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tentworx on your mobile phone

The Tentworx team keeps up with the tecnology trend of the world and our newest addition will surely help organise your event quicker.
With our new MOBI site you can reach us anywhere at anytime, making your fuction hire problems something from the past. Tentworx can help you with all your Tent hire needs as well as all function equipment hire needs.
Give us a call today on 087 754 5917
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